Mysteries Through Color Shapes



Disclaimer: None of this is my personal work or ideas. This is simply a fun appreciation of other artists everyone should know about.

For any artist, it is always beneficial to do a master copy of, well, a master of the craft.  We all know the legends: Caravaggio, Raphael, and Parmigiano. Most of us have heard the more recent legends: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte. Fewer have heard of the contemporary legends: Gary Baseman, James Jean, and Mark Ryden. And only a handful find the soon-to-be legends.

Sachin Teng fits nicely within the last category.

Sachin Teng Takeaway

Going through and mimicking her work has taught me a lot. It was the little things: small strokes in shadow, tight color palette, gentle overlays that really bring her work together. I never use oranges or greens, but Teng presents the delicate colors strongly. She is able to create a sense of space through a layering of the cloth, branches, and leaves. Her work is effortless and it is because of her strong use of color and line that the pieces are shape-based.

Gary Baseman. Mythical Homeland

Yet, it doesn’t carry the simplistic quality most shape-based art has. Gary Baseman is also shape-based illustration but his work has an entirely different feeling then Teng’s.

I failed in capturing the mythical edge that exists in The Pilgrimage.  Nevertheless, after working on this master copy, I understand how the elongation of the figure and even the trees bring that emotion to the piece. Letting the face have only an eyebrow and set of white pupils is brave and hence makes the face universal with just enough of a mystery that we are left wondering who they are. It is a fine line, but Sachin Teng truly guides us on that path.

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